Tax preparation and filing are one of the most common services we provide clients. While many people try to file taxes themselves, they end up confused and frustrated trying to understand tax law and compliance. One small mistake can add up to large expenses.

The experts at KFK understand the challenges of preparing and filing taxes. That is why we continually review tax guidelines and ensure we are up to date on tax compliance, preparation, and planning. We’ll help you save time, maximize your tax benefits, and avoid costly mistakes.

Individual Tax Services:

Trust, Estate and Gift Tax Services:

Real Estate Tax Services:

Business Tax Services:


Bookkeeping & Accounting

Your company’s financial records are among the most important documents you need to maintain. These documents are the foundation for business and rental owners to know their financial position and have accurate accounting records. You need a trustworthy team who can partner with your business to meticulously maintain these records.

Our team has extensive experience in bookkeeping, sales, and business property tax. We know what it takes to keep your financial accounts in order, and we’ll work to ensure each line item is properly recorded.



When you need to make sound financial decisions, it’s important to have someone you can trust. That’s why hundreds of clients trust our consulting services. Our team can help you analyze the pros and cons of each scenario under consideration. We’ll offer strategies and tax advice to ensure you understand how decisions will impact your business or personal finances.

Whether you’re starting a new business, expanding your company, or planning for retirement, we can help you develop a solid financial strategy that will help you meet your long term goals.

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